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Celebrating Dartmouth’s Local Businesses

In recent years downtown Dartmouth has taken on an identity of its own. Dartmouth has grown to be an exciting and hip community of entrepreneurs with an ever growing number of restaurants, retailers and craftspeople offering up incredible services, wears and eats. New businesses are popping up all the time, striving to give back to… Read More

Our Top Five Spots To Get Some Fresh Air In February

Has there been a better winter to get outside and into Nature that you can remember? We are being blessed with sunny days and warm-ish February temps, enticing us to the great outdoors. This post is setting out to highlight five of our favourite spots to breath in some fresh air and get active! 1…. Read More

A Snapshot of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Dartmouth. It’s one of the most vibrant areas in Nova Scotia. Known as the City of Lakes, it’s located right across the Harbour from Halifax. Although it’s still known as “Dartmouth” on its own, the area is actually a part of the Halifax Regional Municipality. But it definitely has a personality and vibrancy all its… Read More