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A Brief Look At the King’s Wharf Community

A Brief Look At the King’s Wharf Community

Combining luxury living with downtown convenience, King’s Wharf is an urban waterfront community like no other. King’s Wharf is set to be a landmark development that is instantly recognizable and celebrated for reinventing the Dartmouth community and reigniting interest in the downtown core. The King’s Wharf community already started attracting local businesses to make it their home…. Read More

15 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Dartmouth!

Dartmouth is often misunderstood. Long known as the ‘Dark Side,’ Dartmouthians are rather embracing their community and taking pride in that very nickname. It is also increasingly gaining traction as an emerging lively neighbourhood. We are happy that we are part of the movement helping shape the present and future of our ever-evolving community. So, what’s… Read More

4 Benefits of Killick Living Not To Be Missed

Whether you’re a working professional looking for convenience and ease of commute or a retiree seeking freedom and new adventures, owning your condo can provide you with the lifestyle that compliments your needs and wants. The newest building to join the King’s Wharf community, will provide with you with the opportunity to enjoy the many… Read More