5 ways you can treat yourself with 1 year’s worth of condo fees

Right now we’re offering pre construction pricing on our condo units with the added benefit of free condo fees for one year. Those fees add up to between $4,000 to $5,000 dollars. That’s enough to treat yourself to the following 5 gifts:

blog1A motorcycle – For under $5k you could be hitting the twisties with your friends on your way to Peggy’s Cove. If this is your first bike you can get a quality 2015 Honda CBR 300R and still have a grand left over for gear like a helmet and leathers. If you’re more hardcore, a lightweight cafe racer like this is the way to go. These light-weight, lightly-powered motorcycles are optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort. But where they shine is agile handling during quick rides.


A pirate ship – Add up all those condo fees and you can be a captain. Purchase this 26 ft Pearson sailboat and set out on your own adventures in Halifax’s Harbour, the Northwest Arm, and Bedford Basin for just under $5,000. The added bonus here is that you can dock your sail or power boat at the King’s Wharf marina so you can set sail without driving to and from your home.


A new body – You might not be able to transplant your head onto a younger version of yourself, but you’ll definitely feel like a new person thanks to the 58 months of hot yoga sessions of you can buy for $5,000. Shanti Hot Yoga offers monthly classes in both Halifax and Dartmouth, and with the condo fees you’re saving money on, you can feel great for the next four and a half years!


A vacation – Everybody needs time away from their home base to recharge and you can do exactly that thanks to the fees you’re saving money on. If you go to www.redtag.ca you can easily find an all inclusive vacation for $4,000-$5,000 to Las Vegas or Varadero Cuba. The best part is that at the Killick you don’t need to do any of the vacation prep that comes with owning a house. Just turn the lights off, lock the door, and catch your flight!


A Porsche race car – There’s no catch here. With the money you’re saving on condo fees, you can live your childhood dream of being a race car driver. For $4,000 you can snatch up this track-ready Porsche 944 and try your hand at being Nova Scotia’s equivalent of Mario Andretti or Ayrton Senna. With a Sparco harness, upgraded brake rotors, and a five speed trans-axle transmission, this Porsche is a classic that will set you apart both on the track, and in the Killick’s underground parking.

Treat yourself to our free condo fees program by booking a tour with us at book.thekillick.com or call our sales centre at 1.902.407.6000