4 Benefits of Killick Living Not To Be Missed

Whether you’re a working professional looking for convenience and ease of commute or a retiree seeking freedom and new adventures, owning your condo can provide you with the lifestyle that compliments your needs and wants.

The newest building to join the King’s Wharf community, will provide with you with the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits that comes with Killick living.

Here are five reasons to why the Killick life is right for you:

1. Freedom from Maintenance

Killick-Blog-Header-Opt-1 Living in Canada means that we are lucky to experience the four seasons in full spectrum, yet that comes with continuously changing and demanding tasks from shoveling snow to mowing the lawn. Such tasks can take away from your valuable time. Living in a at the Killick means that you do not have to worry about that as those services are taken of by professionals.

2. Easy Access to Amenities

AmenitiesWith changing lifestyle patterns, expectations around the amenities that developers offer have changed and evolved to keep up with the times. On-site gym and guest suites are just a few of the amenities that you can have access to. That, in turn, results in being part of a community and widening your social circle compared to living in a detached house.

3. Prime Location

PrimeLocationLiving in close proximity to major downtown attractions such as shops, restaurants, public transportation and event venues is another advantage that comes with Killick living. Being within a walking distance to invaluable amenities means that you do not have to worry about using your car to get to the closest grocery store.

4. Sense of Security

SecurityIf you’re traveling regularly, living at the Killick can offer you the peace of mind to leave your home without having to worry about potential robbery or damage to your property. With 24/7 surveillance, you can feel safe and assured that your personal property is in safe hands.

From grabbing your favourite Just Us coffee to using the building gym, these are just few of the reasons to experience living at its finest at King’s Wharf. Check out the suites at the Killick or get in touch with rental team to get the expert advice!