In the city but out-of-this-world.

At the edge of the ocean but in the heart of the city, King’s Wharf is a vibrant mix of natural beauty, inspired design and urban convenience. No wonder it’s already known as the premier neighbourhood on Halifax Harbour.

We make urban living a breeze.

King’s Wharf was designed from the ground up to create the ideal urban neighbourhood. We built underground parking to make streets pedestrian-friendly; boardwalks to allow for sunset strolls along the Harbour; and both indoor and outdoor exercise facilities to facilitate active lifestyles. A water taxi, marina and spirited Euro-style boutiques will add to the life of the community.

Take the elevator to the ocean.

Why choose between a seaside getaway and an urban loft when you can have it all at King’s Wharf? Enjoy the modern conveniences of your chic contemporary suite – then just press “B” for boardwalk and you’re at the seaside. Who needs a cottage when the Atlantic Ocean is at your doorstep?

Sail into the office.

At King’s Wharf, no one complains about the commute. Our shorefront boardwalks connect to city sidewalks. Walk to downtown or the ferry. Hop on a bus. Take an eight-minute drive across the bridge. Or, even better, cast off from the King’s Wharf dock and arrive at the office with your hair a little windblown but your spirits soaring.

Green is good.

Modern, chic and green – each of King’s Wharf’s buildings is as beautiful as it is environmentally sound. We’ve incorporated European styling with eco technology to let you live with ease, elegance and a clean conscience. Whether an owner or renter, you’ll be proud to call King’s Wharf home.

Domestic Bliss.

For some people, home just isn’t home without a Spot on the floor or Boots in the front hall. That’s why at King’s Wharf, all our buildings are pet-friendly.

Fit for a King.

Sitting at the water’s edge of one of the world’s great harbours. King’s Wharf is in an exceptionally attractive location. Centuries ago, it welcomed the sailing fleet of King George II. Now it welcomes residents from all over the world looking for an easy, urban lifestyle.

Linked by road, bridge, transit and ferry to the region’s largest city, King’s Wharf offers stunning views of the open ocean, nearby islands, and the attractive Halifax skyline.